Text: LUKE 17,15


To keep God’s people in his will everyday of our life by having a forgiving heart and asking for God’s forgiveness.
The attitude of not asking God’s forgiveness and not forgiving has largely affected the man to God relationship.

1.Having a forgiving heart

Luke17, 5, why did the apostles say : ‘’Lord increase our faith ?’’
Vrs 4, It takes a humble person,a humble heart to forgive because boldness doesn’t give room to forgiveness.
The apostles came to understand that the Lord’s standards of forgiveness where higher comparing to what a man does whenever he/she is hurt. ( Matthew 18,21-35. Ephesians 4,31-32)
In Christ’s standards, our forgiveness before the Father depends on how we forgive those who hurt us.

– Benefits of forgining those who hurt us. –

+ Forgiveness sets us free,because if we do not forgive,in the mind we become slaves of the one who hurt us.
+ Forgiving our neighbors opens up a door for God to forgive us.Matthew 6,14-15
+ Forgiving others prevents us from some heart diseases,stomac diseases,…
+ Forgiving keeps us in line with our Lord’s requirement to be the light and salt of the world.
+ Forgiving provides peace to oneself and transforms us into peace makers.
+ Forging makes us pass the test of Loving.Galatians 5,14
+ A forgiving heart confirms our heavenly new nature.

2.Asking for God’s forgiveness

From Psalm 51,
From the very first day of mankind creation,God always wants to relate with men, to have a flowing relationship with men.
However sin came to set a separating wall,a disconnection between God the mighty Creator and mankind.
To connect anew,God made a plan of saving humanity through sacrificing His only begoten son Jesus-Christ. John3,16
God’s salvation is offered to all but asking for forgiveness,repentance is the ladder to it. 2 Peter 3,9. 1 John 1,9

– Benefits of asking for God’s forgiveness.-

Asking for God’s forgiveness strenghtens our relationship with Him.
Asking for God’s forgiveness delights His heart. Luc 15,7
Asking for God’s forgiveness is a sign of humility- A humble heart receives the Lord’s favor.
Asking for God’s forgiveness makes way for our prayers to be heard.


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