Loving and serving God all the time

Loving and serving God all the time

Text: John 21, 1-17

“Loving and serving God all the time”

From this reading we drew out some lessons:

Lesson≠1: Our God is a God of unity and he appears to us when we are together.V2

Lesson≠2: We get nothing when we go without the Lord.V3

Jesus asked them: Young men, haven’t you caught anything?

By asking kind of this question, Jesus as a loving master already knew that his children were in trouble.

The disciple said to Jesus: “Not a thing”

Jesus by hearing this from them even if He already knew, he ordered the disciple to throw the net and the net came out full of fish.

Lesson≠3: The Lord appear to us in desperate moment to reveal his glory.V4

Lesson≠4: We get all we need when we walk with the Lord and obey Him

Lesson≠5: We must change our attitude at our meeting with the Lord.V7

Lesson≠6: The Lord calls us to his table.V12,13

Lesson≠7: The Lord commands us to save and Love Him. V15-17

To Peter He kept asking: Peter “Do you love me?”

On peter response the Lord Jesus answered:

  1. Take care of my lamp V15

This is also a call for discipleship

A call for service

Nurturing young believers and allow them to grow. This a service to God

  1. Take care of my V16

Calling us to help our believers grow in faith after they had become lamp and now sheep.

  1. Take care of my sheep. V.17

As the scripture says in John 8: 31 “I f you obey my teaching, you are really my disciple” and 14:21 says “Those who accept my commandments and obey them are the ones who love me, I too will love them and reveal myself to them”.

Conclusion: Loving God is all about obeying his commandment and when we obey his commandment his commandment and serve Him with all our heart, the Lord gives us his word: I will reveal myself to them.

Q1. So why do we love God?

Q2. Why do we serve him?

Q3.Is it because he provides for our needs?

Q4. Is it because he fills our life with good things?

The key reason why we should love God should:

I love God because He loved me first by giving his only begotten Son Jesus to die for me

The key reason why we should serve God should:

I serve God because He served first by send his only Son to be tied on the cross, He who committed no sin died for me a sinner, He who was insulted but answered not a word.

If we live life loving and serving God, the creator of the universe, He will take care of us and will lead all our Life long.

May the Lord Bless his word!




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